1st July 2014 It is with the greatest of pleasure that we are able to share with you the wonderful experience we received from the Newlife Clinic in Epsom, which has given us our adorable twins, Max and Chloe.

From the moment of enquiry through to our last interaction with Newlife Clinic, there are several things we’d like to share about our experience with this practice. Firstly, and most importantly, the people: the entire team at Newlife clinic have the ability to make you feel welcome, well informed and in safe and experienced hands at every step of the IVF journey.

Clearly, everyone who works for Newlife enjoys their work and this comes across as they genuinely seem happy in their work environment and to care about you as a patient.

Next is the facility: immaculately clean, comfortable and well presented, this does everything to instil confidence that the practice takes standards very seriously. A greatly reassuring factor when choosing a clinic to take you on your IVF journey. Finally, and most importantly, our success story: we were very fortunate to conceive twins on our first IVF cycle. We put this down to some good fortune but more importantly feel that our success was maximised by the excellent consultation and expertise, from selecting the correct drug protocol and other meticulously timed supporting tests and treatment at the practice.

In summary, we didn’t hesitate to contact the team at Newlife to share the good news of the birth of Max and Chloe; nor did we hesitate to write up this testimonial to reinforce what an excellent experience and. most importantly, excellent outcome we had.

We would have no reservations whatsoever in recommending the Newlife Clinic. We extend our deepest gratitude to the Newlife team and look forward to introducing them to Max and Chloe in person very soon.