Top 5 Benefits of Freezing Eggs

Here at Newlife Clinic, we understand that egg freezing is a huge decision in any woman’s life. To help you decide, we’ve put together the top five benefits you’ll reap if you decide freezing your eggs is the right route for you.

No Social Pressures

As a woman, one of the toughest things you can hear from family and friends is “when are you going to have a baby?” Many women decide they want to focus on their career before they start a family, whereas others might be unsure on whether or not they would like children. Freezing your eggs allows you the opportunity to keep your options open. Not only that, but you won’t need to feel the pressures of your biological clock ticking as your eggs will remain in a perfect, youthful condition. Having the ability to choose when, and if, you want to conceive is a great way of relieving social burdens.

No Limited Supply

Women have a finite number of eggs, which decreases with every year that goes by. The quality of these eggs also reduces, but when an egg is frozen, their initial quality remains. Freezing your eggs allows you to understand that you will have the ability to conceive in the future, regardless of the quality and quantity of the eggs in your ovaries. Most women who are under 38 years old harvest between 10 and 20 eggs per cycle. It is best to store around 10 eggs for each pregnancy attempt as this gives a 70% chance of fertilisation.

History of Fertility Issues

Women who have a family history of fertility issues, such as endometriosis, early menopause or premature ovarian failure can benefit hugely from egg freezing. When a woman is younger and is producing healthy eggs regularly, these eggs can be used in the future despite any fertility issues that many arise. Women are urged to freeze their eggs at an early age, especially if they have fertility issues in their family, as this is when egg quantity and quality is at its best.

Reverse Ageing

As mentioned, both the quality and quantity of a woman’s eggs diminish as we age. Women who are in their early 20’s can experience an average pregnancy rate of around 25% every month. This rate drops slowly when women are in their 30’s, as the percentage decreases to around 15%. When women reach their 40’s, the average pregnancy rate is as little as 5%. These rates apply to women who do not experience infertility issues such as early menopause or premature ovarian failure. Freezing eggs at a young age means the quality of them will stay the same, giving older women a better chance of fertilisation.

Promising Results

The technology of egg freezing, thawing, inseminating and implanting has been around since the 1980’s. In that time, the process has improved dramatically. By simply freezing your eggs you are allowing yourself peace of mind, whether you eventually come to use your frozen eggs, get pregnant naturally or decide not to conceive. Though the number of women who actually come back to use their eggs is much lower than those who undergo the freezing, it has been proven that frozen and then thawed eggs are just as successful as those that are fresh.

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