I am so glad that I am getting the chance to tell my story… I was feeling very low at the point of going to Newlife Fertility Centre, thinking I would never be a mother while all my friends and family seemed to be getting pregnant effortlessly.

I say seemed because I have since found out that this was not the case for many of them. When I was in THAT space I felt like I was the only one going through it. Going to Newlife Fertility centre and just even talking to Mr Gafar gave me hope. Once I started the treatment I started to relax because at last I was doing something positive.

All through the treatment every one of the staff was amazing. When you are going through something as life changing as this I found Newlife’s friendly, caring approach was incredibly supportive.

I cannot tell enough people how wonderful Newlife are. I have a close friend who also had treatment with Newlife and her experience was the same brilliant service as mine.

I could go through my treatment step by step but everyone’s is individual and special in their own way. Every scan and injection went to making my perfect little boy.