Male Infertility: Causes & Treatments

Infertility is commonly thought of as a problem for females, however did you know that it is actually solely the man at the centre of the issue in one out of every three cases. If you are experiencing male infertility there are plenty of causes that could be the reason, however there are also treatments that can be used to solve these issues in some cases.

The main components that a man will need to be fertile are a good sperm count and effective movement of the sperm, but there are many issues that can arise within this process. The most common causes of infertility in men include Varicocele – a collection of veins above the testicles – infections and hormone problems; however, these are all treatable conditions.


In the case of some male fertility issues such as varicoceles, surgery can be used to block off the abnormal veins from the blood flow, this has been recorded to greatly improve fertility. Surgery can also be used when there are blockages or obstructions that are preventing the sperm from reaching the semen or causing other issues in the testicles.

Another type of surgery that can treat male infertility is the vasectomy reversal, this involves re-joining the cut ends of the tube that carry the sperm. However, before undergoing this procedure you will be screened for anti-sperm antibodies as if these are present it can be difficult to conceive even after the surgery.


There are fertility drugs that can help to boost a man’s sperm quantity, mobility and motility, however this treatment won’t be work for issues such as blockages or varicoceles. One of the most common drugs prescribed for male fertility issues is also one used for women, Clomid works to signal the pituitary gland to produce more hormones that will stimulate testosterone and sperm production.

Although they seem to be effective for women, drug treatments don’t tend to have the same level of success rates for men. They can also come with some side effects such as gaining weight, breast enlargement and tenderness.

Hormone Treatment

Testosterone is the main male hormone used to stimulate sperm production, but some of the causes for male infertility is a lack of this. Therefore, additional hormones are needed in place of this to stimulate sperm production. hCG is one of these treatments and involves injections three times a week for up to 6 months; this hormone prompts the testes to produce testosterone and sperm.

Although these treatments can be effective, they are not a quick fix – some can take years to really take effect.


Assisted Reproductions treatments are the name given to any treatments that involve handling the eggs or embryos outside the body, these can come in many forms including IVF treatment. These treatments are also typically paired with fertility drugs to increase success rates. Although they are expensive and invasive, ART treatments are often the most successful way of conceiving if you have fertility problems.

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