My journey to have a much wanted baby led me to Mr Gafar and eventually to the undertaking of 6 IVF cycles with ICSI at Newlife clinic. My case was a very complicated one in short a low egg reserve, years of debilitating endometriosis and immune problems.

However, not for one moment did Mr Gafar ever falter in offering me his full support and professional care in my tremendously hard journey to fall pregnant. Three years on I have the most beautiful little boy in my life and wake up every day to a smile that fills me with love and joy and he will always be my little newlife miracle baby.

Finally I have found some time to write this much overdue testimonial and heartfelt thanks to my consultant Mr Gafar, and to the incredible kind and top class embryologist John and to all the wonderful compassionate nursing staff who brightened up my days, to all the efficient and friendly administration staff and not forgetting their lovely receptionists. Also I would like to mention newlife’s wonderful acupuncturist Iva Blay and their on-site inspirational yoga instructor Charli Sales – absolutely wonderful to see a clinic that has also built up an array of alternative therapies to offer to their clients in stunning therapy rooms and studios.

At every turn over the last couple of years I felt the support, attention, and full dedication of everyone at newlife. They did in fact become an extension of my own family and I knew I was always in the best hands and could not have chosen a better clinic. The state of the art clinical and technical service was second to none and I was always made to feel welcomed and fully supported during my years here.

The environment was stress free and professional, warm and welcoming, this clinic offers a personal touch that I have never experienced before in my previous clinics .There was always a single point of contact and the continuity of my care was exemplary. There was always a smile, always someone to listen to your worries and anxieties. My phone calls were always returned promptly and efficiently, nursing staff were always on hand to address any concerns and the administration during my cycles throughout was second to none. This is a beautifully clean clinic with an overall sense of peace and calm which is clearly apparent as soon as you walk through the door.

Mr Gafar always took his time to listen to my views on any fertility issue, always took on board any ideas that I had researched and always endeavoured to offer his professional advice and to guide me in the right direction throughout my cycles. He worked with me through a very difficult time in my life and to this day I am so pleased that he was my consultant.

He is one of the kindest consultants too that I have ever met, always calm, always kind, always caring – He carried out my cycles with such dedication and precision and always was willing to try different protocols and help me find as I always use to say my ‘golden egg’ and now I finally have a beautiful baby boy. His compassion will always be appreciated and never forgotten and I would like to take this opportunity to offer him the biggest heartfelt thank you possible.

Your clinic is a not just a fertility clinic, you have built and are continuing to develop a very special place full of very special people with world-class facilities and a service which I cannot fault.

Thank you all