June 2014 We had been trying for a baby for over eighteen months, in parallel with undergoing various tests, due to the fact that we were both in our late thirties. These resulted in us being referred for IVF treatment with the NHS, assuming we could get the application in prior to my 40th birthday. However, each month for a six month period, my hormone results didn’t meet the required NHS guidelines and consequently we passed the deadline. At this point we were recommended to the Newlife Clinic.

We attended one of their open evenings, which we found extremely interesting and worth following up. After this, we decided to meet with Dr Gafar and we explained our story to him. On the basis of the test results we showed him, he agreed that the likelihood of success with IVF would be very low. But that IUI might be worth a try (we had previously been told that this procedure would be a waste of time and money).

Dr Gafar was very supportive and empathetic, explaining the reasons clearly and he listened carefully to our concerns about taking a lot of drugs as this was very important to us. In July 2013 we had our first drug-free round of IUI at the Newlife Clinic, which unfortunately did not result in a positive pregnancy test. However, on the second attempt in August 2013 we had a positive result, despite only a few follicles developing. It was an amazing feeling that took a while to sink in.

We continued to attend the Newlife Clinic and had six and eight week gestation scans and blood tests to monitor progress. The level of interest in our journey, and the care we received from administration staff, to nurses, embryologists and Dr Gafar himself, was always of the highest standard. We were well looked after and felt that everyone in the clinic had time for us, both in person and on the phone.

Our beautiful baby girl was born on May 28th 2014 against all the odds and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you to the Newlife Clinic for giving us this gift.