The New Life Fertility Clinic

At Newlife, we endeavour to provide a dedicated and high standard fertility service tailored to suit individual patient’s needs, delivered in a professional and caring manner.

Our women’s health services are focused on Fertility & Miscarriages, Reproductive Immunology, Pregnancy care & Fetal Medicine, General Gynaecology and Complementary Therapy, run by physicians recognised nationally and internationally as leading experts in their fields.

Newlife is part of the ARGC group, one of the world’s leading IVF clinics, delivering the UK’s highest success rates 'per treatment cycle started' for IVF and ICSI every year since 1995 (as published by HFEA).





Having tried another fertility clinic beforehand where I wasn’t treated very nicely I was quite apprehensive about walking into another clinic.  Well I didn’t need to worry at all. Myself and my husband had been trying to conceive for 12 years. When I met with Dr Khaled in February 2021 first of all he listened…

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I would not hesitate to recommend NewLife to anyone about to start their fertility journey. We had visited several clinics prior to starting our treatment. However, from the moment we met the doctor and the team at NewLife we knew that we wanted our journey to start with them. The team are so positive, reassuring…

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There aren’t enough stars or words to truly express how amazing the team at newlife are. From the beginning, they made me and my husband feel welcome and eased anxieties about embarking on the whole process, especially after finding out how difficult it would be with the NHS as I am a bigger lady. It…

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Newlife has been an amazing journey. The staff are amazing and friendly. Very positive and always try’s to keep their patients positive. They have been very supportive in our journey.

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1st July 2014 It is with the greatest of pleasure that we are able to share with you the wonderful experience we received from the Newlife Clinic in Epsom, which has given us our adorable twins, Max and Chloe. From the moment of enquiry through to our last interaction with Newlife Clinic, there are several…

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June 2014 We had been trying for a baby for over eighteen months, in parallel with undergoing various tests, due to the fact that we were both in our late thirties. These resulted in us being referred for IVF treatment with the NHS, assuming we could get the application in prior to my 40th birthday.…

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My husband and I are eternally grateful to Newlife for making our dreams come true. We were successful with our 2nd IVF/ICSI cycle and Thomas was born on 13th November 2013 weighing 7lb 5oz and he is just perfect. All of the Newlife team were great, especially Mr Gafar and Jon, the Lead Embryologist. We…

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The following is a summarised version, from a patient who after 4 failed IVF cycles elsewhere was referred to Newlife. After much soul searching we decided to give it one more shot: our fifth and final attempt at IVF. In our minds we had always had five as the number of attempts we would try,…

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My journey to have a much wanted baby led me to Mr Gafar and eventually to the undertaking of 6 IVF cycles with ICSI at Newlife clinic. My case was a very complicated one in short a low egg reserve, years of debilitating endometriosis and immune problems. However, not for one moment did Mr Gafar…

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I am so glad that I am getting the chance to tell my story… I was feeling very low at the point of going to Newlife Fertility Centre, thinking I would never be a mother while all my friends and family seemed to be getting pregnant effortlessly. I say seemed because I have since found…

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